Save our natural resources

I have read about the Mastic Trail and how they are looking at it.

Being a lover of nature, I think that the Mastic Trail made by donkeys, mules and people for many, many years is so very rich in value that no real price can be put on it.

The trail is priceless and should be protected and saved forever. Like so many other places like the wetlands of Midland Acres, better known to us as Old Luck, many of these areas, many of these areas need to be preserved for the people of the future so that one day they can see how beautiful these laces are that we left for them.

As we all know, we can destroy trees that have grown for hundreds of years in a matter of minutes with our machines.

But some of them we can never replace. It may look like we still have a lot of wild Cayman, but take a real good look at how many hundreds of acres are being pushed down each year all over Cayman for humans 
to build houses and other things.

I can remember the old market that was in George Town where you would go to get your turtle meat and beef. You could hear the voice of such people as Mr. Henry Bush of West Bay loud and clear. He was a turtle butcher man.

The trees around that market area were so tall they looked like they touched the clouds. Now look at that very priceless old market. Because of stupid people of no vision, not only has the market been torn down, but all the trees are all gone.

Why must we destroy the things that mean so much to us that are so rich with history?

The only thing I can say is that is because the people that have these places destroyed are people of no vision and no love for our country.

We must stop selling or giving away our Crown land to strangers and preserve more of our Island and a lot of things that have been handed over to us in trust by our people of the past.

Such things as old limestone houses, stone walls, trails, natural areas for parks, beaches that are still untouched and as much of our past as possible.

Remember, if we do not preserve now for the generations to come, we have made a grave mistake.

So do all we can to help save a lot of our Cayman’s rich history and places for our future. Please do not touch the Mastic Trail. Leave it there as is forever, natural.

Emile S. Levy


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