Road closure to accommodate crosswalk

A section of Esterley Tibbetts Highway by Camana Bay will be closed off from 9am to 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday, 6 and 7 February, while a pedestrian crosswalk is installed.

The crosswalk from Camana Way into Camana Bay will stretch across the Esterley Tibbetts Highway, so while the work is carried out, the section of road from the Camana Bay roundabout to the Century 21 roundabout, beside the Galleria Plaza will be closed.

On Wednesday, the north bound lane heading in the direction of West Bay will be closed from the Camana Bay roundabout exit onto the Esterley Tibbetts Highway and traffic will be diverted to Lawrence Boulevard.

On Thursday, the south bound lane in the direction of George Town will be closed at the Century 21 roundabout exit, only allowing access to Camana Bay Shopping Centre. Traffic will be diverted on to the West Bay Road.


Sections of the Esterley Tibbetts from the Camana Bay roundabout, pictured here, and the Century 21 roundabout, will be closed from 9am to 4pm on Wednesday and Thursday, 6 and 7 February. – PHOTO: FILE


  1. It’s fine closing the road – the traffic can just use west bay road, not like thats getting ready to be shut down or anything…….oh, wait

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