Courtyard Marriott demolition begins

Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. has decided to demolish the Courtyard Marriott Hotel and build a new hotel rather than renovating the existing structure.

The first phase of the demolition project, the removal of the structure’s façade, started Monday. Island Builders, which last summer handled the demolition of the hotel’s interior in expectation of renovation, has been engaged for this part of the demolition process.

The contract for the rest of the demolition is currently out to bid and will be awarded next week.

Jackie Doak, the chief operating officer for Dart Realty, said the decision to demolish rather than renovate came after a reevaluation of the project in December.

“After designing and planning around the existing structure and adding floors to the building, we determined that the opportunity to develop a new resort on the site outweighs the efficiencies of adapting the existing building,” she said. “As we work through the process, we continually ask ourselves if what’s on the table delivers Ken Dart’s vision to create something unique and special with Dart’s first hotel; to showcase the best of Cayman for visitors as we strive to do for island residents with Camana Bay. We’re excited to design an innovative resort purpose built to advance the tourism product in the Cayman Islands and attract a new generation of visitors.”

The new 10-storey hotel will have somewhere between 200 and 245 rooms, depending on final design. Mrs. Doak said the plan is to have it open in late 2015.

The hotel’s construction is projected to generate more than 250 jobs over the build-out period, and is estimated to cost more than CI$ 140 million, including the demolition.

In addition to allowing for much bigger rooms and a bigger lobby area, Mrs. Doak said that starting afresh rather than renovating will allow the hotel to be situated farther from the beach, for the first floor to sit higher, for there to be underground parking, maintenance and housekeeping facilities, and for better amenities to be include.

“Our decision to demolish the existing structure opens up more possibilities in design, guest experience and LEED certification,” added Ms. Doak. “This results in more employment opportunities both immediately as the building comes down and over the next few years when the new resort is being built.”


  1. How will a 10 storey hotel add to the beauty and uniqueness of Cayman? I would have thought that a smaller more upscale boutique type hotel would more suit the location. Having lived in Miami for a number of years, the sad reality is that West Bay Road looks like over developed Miami Beach.

  2. Anyone who truly believes they did not have this in the plans for a long time is smoking some of that silly weed. Darts master plan does not take into account the needs and wishes of the people of Cayman. He has always wanted his own country and this is one more step on the way to his achieving (buying) his dreams.

  3. The old holiday inn/ courtyard was a budget hotel You don’t to the effort and the cost of diverting West Bay Rd to keep a budget hotel at 5 stories when you can build a new hotel at 10 storeys and set it further back so you can put a pool between the hotel and the sea with a vanishing edge (I bet this is also in the new plan although not mentioned)

    If it was only December they did they starting filling the site in November all the way back to the new road! Which December are they talking about definitely not last year!

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