Car dragging victim in coma

Jay Calvert Carter Ebanks, 18, was granted bail Tuesday after appearing in Summary Court on charges arising from a weekend incident in which police said a man was dragged several hundred yards while clinging to a car door.

Senior Crown Counsel Tanya Lobban said the victim had been flown to the US, where he was in a “medically induced coma” because of the seriousness of his injuries.

Ms Lobban indicated that the Crown’s major concern was the way the incident transpired, starting with a minor two-car accident and an argument afterwards. Police said the defendant apparently later tried to inflict damage on the victim’s car.

Attorney Charles Clifford made the bail application, telling Chief Magistrate Nova Hall that Ebanks was in his car and was allegedly attacked by the victim through the window. Ebanks saw a group of people advancing toward him and he panicked and drove away, Mr. Clifford said. The victim held on and there was a struggle over the steering wheel.

When the car struck the sidewalk, the airbag deployed and Ebanks was temporarily blinded, Mr. Clifford said. The car then came in contact with a fence or a wall. Ebanks admitted running from the scene because he was scared, the attorney said.

He pointed out that Ebanks had no previous convictions and was employed.

The magistrate said she hoped the victim’s condition did not worsen. She granted bail with conditions that included a recognizance in the sum of $30,000 with one or two sureties; and weekly reporting to the Bodden Town Police Station.

She set the matter for mention again on Tuesday, 26 February.

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