Book Loft bargains

Back in ancient times, before the Internet took over the world, there were books.  

There are still books, of course, but for the most part when we’re looking for information quickly, we Google it. However, when it comes to getting stuck into a good story, enjoying some literary classics or improving one’s mind with a great biography, you can’t beat paper and ink.  

The Cayman Islands Humane Society is practically overflowing with great reads in every genre – from crime thrillers and chic lit to self-help, health and children’s books. Priced at a fraction of what a new book would cost, the Book Loft is the place to pick up bargain books.  

For a week over Valentine’s Day, the Book Loft will be offering an even greater bargain with a half price sale store wide. That means you can pick up books for as little as 50 cents apiece.  

And it’s not just books either – there are CDs, DVDs, photo frames and photo albums, puzzles, gifts and toys – all of which will be on sale at half price.  

So, this Valentine’s Day pick up a book to impress your loved one with your expansive knowledge, or share your favourite reads with that special someone. Or just pick up some books because, judging from the cover, they look pretty interesting.  

Either way, it all helps fund the valuable work of the Humane Society, so even if they just look good on your book shelf, a pile of books is a great investment. 

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