Camana Bay welcomes back netters

Indoor netball is making its return to Cayman.

The Cayman Islands Netball Association will be staging matches at Camana Bay’s Arts and Recreation Centre this Saturday, 9 February. The games, touted as the February Feature Round, are part of the association’s 2013 open league.

Technical Director for Cayman netball Gillian Lee states the goal is to get players more familiar with playing indoors.

“The inside grand final was a great success last year, so we felt it would benefit the community if we could hold more games like that throughout the year,” Lee said. “Teams also want to get more practice playing indoors before the grand final.”

As Lee states, this weekend will mark only the second time the national women’s league has played at Camana Bay. Last June, the 2012 finals saw All Stars A beat Roma A for the open league crown with Flames Strikers defeating Unity A for the consolation trophy.

It was the Strikers’ first netball title in their inaugural season. All Stars, who have been around over 10 years and won multiple titles in the past, ended Roma’s run of national titles as they were the two-time defending champions.

All Stars, as a club, will feature prominently in this Saturday’s games. Brittany Mobley’s 6-0 B division team, sponsored by Cayman National Bank, battles Alexis Carias’ Rising Stars B, 5-2, at 5.40pm. At 7pm Adena Miller’s All Stars A, 7-0, face Kay Copeland’s Storm Radarz, 6-1. At 8.05pm, Marcia Moiten’s Rising Stars A, 4-2, challenge Latoya Nixon’s Flames Strikers, 3-4.

Lee states it is no accident those teams were chosen for the Camana Bay showcase.

“The Championship Grade teams all get two games inside before finals and the Plate Division teams, who have Under-21 national players in them, all get one to two games, so they are getting practice for the world championships.

“I have also chosen the games that should be close games and great to watch.”

As Lee states, Cayman is building towards its national U21 team competing in the seventh World Youth Netball Championships in Glasgow, Scotland on 22-31 August.

The 2013 open league continues regular season play until roughly 16 March, with the playoffs slated to begin on 21 March. Lee states some postseason matches will be indoors.

“The dates for Camana Bay are booked as follows: 9 March, 13 April and the grand final on 11 May. I thought monthly feature games was a good spacing to promote netball to come and watch.”

Saturday’s matches see an admission fee of $2 for adults. Children under age 13 get in free.

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