Colour filled weekends

Budding artists still have time to sign up for Weekend Watercolours – a weekend painting course led by local artist Debbie van der Bol.

The course is designed for intermediate water colourists but, Debbie says, if you have any knowledge of other forms of painting, you’ll be fine.

A familiar face to anyone that has visited her gift shop, Pure Art, Debbie studied drawing and print making at Edinboro University in the United States and has been drawing and painting in Cayman since the 1980s.

Some people find watercolours difficult, she explains, because once it’s down on paper, you can’t paint over it the way you can with oils or acrylics. It’s not a very forgiving medium in that way, but on the upside, water colours have no fumes and they are portable – great for the roving artist.

“Watercolours don’t have to be tight,” Debbie says. “It’s really very loose work and that can be quite freeing. Watercolours are really lovely to work with.”

By the end of the course, she hopes people will feel more comfortable with water colours and will start to develop their own style.

Weekend Watercolours takes place over two weekends – 9 and 10 February and 16 and 17 February – at the Visual Arts Society studio at Pedro St. James. Saturday sessions will be from 10am to 2pm and Sunday sessions will be from noon to 3pm.

Initial sessions will explore different techniques and new approaches to watercolours, which will help to loosen up the artists within. Subsequent sessions will cover still life, practiced in the air conditioned studio, as well as some outdoor paintings – for which the beautiful grounds at Pedro St James are ideal.

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