BT activist kicked out of anti-dump group

The Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free has ejected one of its leaders because of his plans to run as a potential candidate for the United Democratic Party in Bodden Town. 

According to a statement released by the coalition Sunday, Vincent Frederick informed the group’s committee that he would be standing in the May election, possibly with the UDP, which supports the plan to close the dump in George Town and open one in Bodden Town. 

“We consider this incompatible with a leadership role in the coalition,” said one of the 
group’s leaders, Charles Clifford.  

He continued: “Mr. Frederick insists that he remains opposed to the BT dump plan, even though he might run for the UDP, a party which has consistently promoted the deal. As such, we hope that he’ll continue as a supporter of 
the coalition and of our cause.  

“However, having Mr. Frederick continue on our committee as a coalition leader and spokesperson, is inconsistent with our commitment to protect the integrity and reputation of the coalition, its political independence, and the 
confidentiality of our deliberations,” Mr. Clifford added. 

The coalition made its decision to oust Mr. Frederick from the group’s committee during a meeting Friday, 8 February, at which it was discussing its plans for future action against the plan to put a garbage dump in Bodden Town and the strategy it would adopt in the run up to the May election. 

Coalition chairman Alain Beiner said the coalition was a “single-issue, nonpolitical community organisation open to anyone opposed to moving the George Town dump to Bodden Town, regardless of their political affiliation and regardless of their opinion on any other issue”, adding that the group remains independent of all political parties and 
“condemns past governments equally for not assuming their responsibility of properly managing the George Town landfill”. 

The group’s coordinating committee unanimously decided that Mr. Frederick would no longer be one of its members.  

Mr. Frederick joined the coalition shortly after it was established and acted as one of its spokesmen.  

He previously ran as an independent candidate in Bodden Town in the 2009 election, when he received 113 votes, or 4 per cent of the overall votes cast in the district. 

Mr. Frederick could not be reached for comment by press time. 


  1. This should clarify the public’s thinking about the anti Boddentown dump group being politically motivated. Clearly it this their way or you are out, no freedom of opinion within their ranks.
    Thank you for letting us know before the election.

  2. The UDP has already made it clear that the Waste Manegement facility was only placed in BT at the insistence of Mark, Rolston and Juliana (the majority in Cabinet at the time), and that it will not be placed in BT if UDP is successful at the 2013 elections.

  3. I do agree that something needs to be done about the GT Dump but all we here is talk no one doing anything about it in Government. We need recycling asap. The Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free is right to kick out a member who goes against what they feel is right. Mr. Frederick is entitled to his opinion of course as we are all.

  4. Dear Cayman Empress
    The island has recycling but you must do your part that means take your recycle material to the recycling centre on dump road just past the first speed bump on the left. There is a banner that says
    We buy Scrap Metal.
    There they will recycle batterys air conditioners cans ewaste as well as other items, perhaps you will even be paid for your efforts.
    You could also visit for more information

  5. Panama_Jack – Obviously you cannot have opposite views on the BT dump issue within the leadership of group whose sole purpose is to oppose the BT dump. Aligning himself with the UDP has clearly compromised Mr. Frederick on this issue.

  6. Whether you agree with the landfill being moved to Bodden Town or not it would be nice to see some respect shown to those members of the legislative assembly which are being referred to while posting comments. I see no reason why we should forget the title Honourable Mark Scotland, Honourable Rolston Anglin and even more importantly Honourable Premier Julianna O’connor Connolly. I deliberately left off their ministries which I will admit was wrong as well. When I was growing up on this blessed little Island, I was taught to respect my elders and those of authority despite personal feelings. It really troubles me to see the blatant lack of respect shown by many in this Country today and this not only applies to this political issue. How I miss those days.

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