An answer for the dump

That great big mountain of a dump hovering over Cayman International School is potentially a great national treasure. Unless it is capped and allowed to continuously leach into the water and ground and emit methane into the atmosphere that is.

Treasure? YES.

By placing a plasma gasification plant in proximity to the existing dump, we can deal with today’s and tomorrow’s waste stream, AND we can mine garbage out of the hill from the past.

By processing this material into syngas and then further, into gas (and a tiny bit of vitrified, inert material, suitable for aggregate) we can then take that gas and use it for electrical generation.

The aggregate can be used in roads, etc.

In the simplest of terms, there is technology available and used all over the world today that turns unsorted garbage, of all kinds, into salvaged metals, electricity and aggregate.

This technology does not produce harmful particulate emissions.

I am not making this up.

PLEASE CAYMANIANS – Check this out for yourself. Go online and Google plasma gasification. Then insist that every candidate you speak to address the dump and their view on this process. We deserve this technology. And our children’s, children’s, children do too.

Deirdre Billes


  1. Great Idea, who’s going to pay for it? CIG, Caymanian Residents, Expats. I think people forget that there’s no money left to spend. The money that should have been used on this was spent on Extravagant less critical expenditures like big fancy buildings.

    Maybe Dart will consider this since the Dump will be his problem soon and he is getting into the electricity business..

  2. There is a gassification system in the NW corner of the landfill It is not used or is broken.
    The waste problem must be addressed from many angles
    there is recycling on the island, and there is composting on island. Most Poeple just dont want to do there part. People expect magic and that is not how it works.
    If you really care Bring your waste to one of the recyclers or composters that will help.

  3. In the early discussions I talked with and attended several of the meetings with those individuals involved in looking for a solution. I provided the name and contact information for a commpany that uses gasification methods to convert municipal waste, medical waste, used tires and grass/woodchips into either electricity or synthetic fuel. I sent emails, made phone calls and received no replies from the team members. I provied phone numbers and web page URLs and none of the participants responded. This process can be funded by the government or a license for 1 such system may be purchased. If the comunity was more interested in getting a solution rather than trying to get a solution for free it could have been built and functioning right now. The longer you take the worse the situation gets and the more likely it is that it will be more difficult to solve.

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