Rum distiller enjoyed Stingray Award success

Co-owner of Cayman Spirits Company Walker Romanica said he was delighted to win a Stingray Award as 2012’s Allied Manager of the Year. 

“It was a bit of a shock,” Mr. Romanica said. “I was not expecting to win. I was honoured and humbled to be singled out by the industry.” 

The awards ceremony is held every year by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, the private sector nonprofit body that represents the interests of more than 200 tourism-related companies across all disciplines of hospitality and service. The accolade meant a lot to the local company, Mr. Romanica said. 

“I think the award is a recognition of the small mark that Seven Fathoms and the Cayman Spirits Company has made on the tourism industry. We started out 5 years ago as a very small company and have grown steadily every year,” he said. “We have now toured a significant amount of people through our distillery [on tours] and sent many of them back home with a bottle of rum to remember the Cayman Islands.” 


Bottle washing 

As a small company, he added, there are many jobs to be done at start-up when you have to “do a bit of everything, whatever needs to get done at that moment”. 

“I am a distiller now by trade, but responsibilities also include marketing, sales, and still some occasional bottle washing as well,” added Mr. Romanica, wryly. 

The Cayman Spirits Company is well-received by tourists keen on learning more about this small but growing local business, said the distiller. 

“Everyone loves the idea of a new and innovative venture, we always interact directly with residents and visitors to the distillery daily and get to know everyone we can,” he added. “When you are excited about what you are doing, other people get excited as well.  

“Our industry of distilling and the wider industry of making all locally produced products is growing rapidly. There are lots of opportunities to create something that can be successful not just here in Cayman, but can be a successful product in the world market. It is not easy, but there are lots of resources available to help you if you are willing to work hard and think big,” Mr. Romanica said. 


Walker Romanica received his Stingray Award from then-Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush. – Photo: Submitted

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