Support groups against violence

Below is the text of a message sent by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of India to all Bahá’ís in that country following the brutal gang rape and subsequent death of a young woman in New Delhi.

The words could apply to every country in the world including our own for here too violence and other forms of gender abuse is far too prevalent as evidenced by the murder of two young women and the disappearance of two others just in the recent past. Valiant efforts of local individuals and organisations such as the Business and Professional Women’s Club to put a spotlight on this scourge through the annual “Silent Witness March” and “16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence” are laudable but do not get the consistent support such efforts should engender from everyone living in these Islands. We urge everyone to become involved and to support such organisations as the BPWC and the Estella Scott Roberts Foundation.

The Bahá’í Faith states “It is becoming increasingly evident, however, that all forms of violence against women degrade not only the victim but the perpetrator as well. Those who inflict violence on women are themselves among the casualties of power-based systems . . .” and “. . . the harvest of force is turmoil and the ruin of social order.”

The Regional Bahá’í Council of the Cayman Islands ask that you read this message and, if you deem it appropriate and can do so, to share it.

Dale M. Banks

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