Coming out of Exile for sweet reggae music

Exile is a Cayman reggae outfit that is playing at Live on the Paseo on Friday, 15 February. We caught up with main man Rennard Powell for an update on all things reggaefied.

How is 2013 looking for Exile?

Exile is gradually growing and finally our strictly Caribbean live band is getting the attention we desire at places like Royal Palms, Silver Palm Lounge (Ritz-Carlton) and of course Camana Bay.

Can you describe your set for us?

Rhythmic reggae, sweet soca and captivating calypso all night long. We also incorporate some originals.

Any plans to record new material?

Yes, we have a few songs in the pipeline and will play them Live on the Paseo on Friday! We’re still working on them so playing them live gives us the chance to try different things until we get them sounding the way we like.

Who is the most underrated reggae artist in your opinion and why?

Morgan Heritage because their music is deep and cultural and there is positive reggae vibes.

What’s the secret to happiness?

Peace. For some reason I gain that by working hard for myself on projects that interest me.

You can hear the band at the 
Paseo, Camana Bay from 7pm to 10pm on Friday, 15 February. Admission is free.

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