Filipinos will storm Airport Park

A new volleyball league will look to stir interest in George Town. 

The 2013 Philippine Volleyball Club Co-Ed Fun League held its official opening last Sunday. Endorsed by the Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation, the competition had a colourful start at the Airport Park in Grand Cayman. 

The club’s organising committee, which has 13 people including Cayman national team players Joebert Macasling and Jesse Pie, saw 11 teams take part in a uniform parade. The teams included Angry Birds, CayFil, Elite Spikers, FCC A, FCC B, Guardians, Nephils Strikers, Nuisance, Prince Louie and Prince Lance, The Ritz-Carlton “Ambassadors” and The Committee.  

Sunday’s opening ceremony included the playing of the Cayman Islands National Anthem and the Philippines National Anthem with speeches from Cayman federation vice president Kennedy McGowan and technical director for Cayman volleyball Keith Higgins. 

League action takes place on weekends with games scheduled for the Airport Park on Fridays at 7pm and Sundays at 6pm. 

News of the co-ed fun league comes as Cayman braces to host the 2013 North, Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation tour opener between 22 and 24 March at Grand Cayman’s Public Beach.  

It will be the fifth consecutive year the tournament has kicked off here. There is expected to be US$16,000 in prize money on offer. 

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