New leaders get media savvy

Leadership Cayman held its first seminar of the 2013 programme on Wednesday, 7 February, at the facilities of the Cayman Conference Centre in Elizabethan Square.  

The seminar was titled “Media in Our Community” and was kindly sponsored by Tower Marketing and the venue sponsored by Cayman Free Press. This seminar was organised by class members Bill Fleury and Laurie Mernett and both members were mentored by Teritia Peart who is a 2012 graduate of LC. 

The purpose of this seminar was to learn how various media operate and the influence they have on our businesses and personal lives. It was also to discuss and strategise how cooperation from the media could enhance the socio-economic well-being of the community. This seminar kicked-off with a tour of the Cayman Free Press facility after which the team conversed over dinner catered by the Grand Old House. 

The organising group felt it was important this year for the LC class to have access to representatives from three different media perspectives in the community, that of the private sector media, the government sector and users of the media. In that respect, the panellists invited to interact with the class were Tammie C. Chisholm, editor, Cayman Free Press; April Cummings, Broadcast general manager, Cayman 27; Jay Earhardt, news editor, Radio Cayman; Angela Piercy, head of Marketing and Communications Unit, Ministry of Financial Services; and Pilar Bush, managing director, Atwater Ltd. 

After the speaker introductions, which were well-coordinated by the moderators, the group split into three breakout sessions where class members had the opportunity to speak openly with each of the five speakers. Part of the discussions for the evening centred around three key areas of Speak, Challenge and Respect in light of challenging the status quo with respect to all parties involved in reporting the facts. Another area of discussion was the level of importance of having discerning readers as the media aims to steer thoughts and opinions. The group also discussed the economic challenges faced whilst providing objective news to the Cayman Islands populace. 

Both class organisers Laurie Mernett and Bill Fleury learned a great deal from the session and commented respectively, “With various issues currently topical in the broad media and the community such as like the upcoming elections, what is responsible journalism, talk of press union, Freedom of Information and the Data Protection Act, this seminar gave the Leadership Cayman 2013 class an educational overview of the media in play in the Cayman Islands. 

“The exceptional and enthusiastic panel of speakers gave us an opportunity to understand and query the roles and perceptions of the various media in the community and gave us food for thought not only with regards being discerning in the consumption of the media but also participating in the provision of information and questioning of the media.” 

The second seminar of the series will focus on criminal justice and will be held on Wednesday, 20 February. This seminar will include a tour of HM Northward Prison and the Cayman Islands Courthouse.  

The Chamber encourages business organisations who would like to sponsor this upcoming seminar or future ones to contact Programmes Manager Tiffany Dixon-Ebanks to express this interest.  

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