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While the country is debating the closure of West Bay Road for Dart’s latest project, I have yet to hear anyone suggest a possible resolution to this pending issue. I am a proponent of change and development in the Cayman Islands.

As a young Caymanian I have learned that many of my fellow Caymanians are simply afraid of moving forward and making changes to what we have known as our home. However, with progress there must be a change of mind and more opportunities for us and we should not fear development.

With that being said I want to be clear that I am not in complete agreement with the closure and I do understand that the main reason is to benefit the construction of a hotel that many fear will not have any positive affect on Caymanian individuals, but I would like to suggest another route and ignore the propositions of more land for value that what we are giving up and point your direction on an actual possible solution.

First the question; Why do we really need to close this portion of West Bay Road?

If we are truly honest we will find there is no good reason to close this area off completely and there is no way our developers can prove different because keeping this road access will not hinder the development of a three, four or five star hotel.

I am not the developer and not involved in constructing this; therefore, I do not know his vision. However if I were, the first idea that comes to mind would be a traffic calming type of improvement to the West Bay Road area starting at our Public Beach and ending at Yacht Club Road. In this area why can’t we build a pedestrian friendly zone where a vehicle can still drive through, but limit the speed to 5 – 10 mph, which will allow pedestrians to walk easily and the person who wishes to drive this direction will still be able to have the scenic route. I’m thinking of single lane carriageway, divided by a centre island landscaped with lush tropical plants that can weather the salt and sand, cobblestone paths at ped-crossings at every 100 feet, a sidewalk on both sides of the roadway. This will allow drivers and pedestrians to enjoy this area simultaneously.

Why has this option not been mentioned?

I hope this provokes some thought in disputing this issue for everyone from the developer to the average concerned Caymanian citizen who wants to understand.

Theon McCoy


  1. I can’t believe this is still a topic of debate. First off, an entirely new road has already been built. West Bay Road is changing. People need to get used to it.

    Second, a 5-10 mph section of the road would be awful. Traffic is a nightmare already during rush hour in the am and pm — I can’t imagine how much worse it would be if there were a 5-10 MPH section of the road. It is a horrible idea.

    The point of the road closure is that while the developer COULD still build a hotel without changing the road, the developer does not WANT to (and will not) build a hotel that does not have beachfront property. And I don’t blame them.

    People need to just grow up. It is a road. You don’t own it — the government does. And if you have to drive on a different road, you will not be surrendering your culture and your heritage. It is just a road.

    Repeat: It is just a road.

  2. We all need to be truthful in this discussion, there is no way over time that people will drive 5 – 10 mph on West Bay Road and anyone who believes that a 5 – 10 mph speed limit would work then I have a bridge I’d like to sell them to Cayman Brac.

  3. Sorry the scenic view been gone long before you were born. The young people of today are no more different then the young people in my time. They don’t want to drive behind no one even if you are doing the speed limit.
    This deal did not start with Mr. Dart it started with Mr. Stan Thomas. He didn’t want the road either . The land is too narrow and the road is too close to the sea. Mostly all roads were close to the sea in the past. Roads ran in between someone’s property and the sea was changed. So that the person who wanted to build on the sea side or who wanted to sell it could do so. Caymanians in the 60-80’s did so.
    So I don’t understand what this big nonsense is all about. Its probably because he’s rich they trying to get more out of him then they deserve. He built a 4lane highway. How wonderful , no one else as a Caymanian or investor has done nothing like this. He increased the public beach tremendously has done nothing more then make Grand Cayman more beautiful.
    If people are bored with there lives then come down on the weekend to Caymana Bay and enjoy the beautiful scenic water with a drink of your choice. Have a meal or go to the movies . Bring the kids or grand kids they love the water jets. There is so much to do there. I love it . David Miller Snr.

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