Lucky strikes serve Persaud well

Reeling in nearly 300 pounds of fish in two days may sound tasking. 

But that’s exactly what Samara Persaud and the Miss Nicole crew did during the recent Barcadere Classic. In all, 277 pounds of fish were caught and earned the crew a $500 fuel voucher from Scott’s Landing for the boat with the most cumulative weight. 

Persaud states that performance boiled down to pure luck. 

“Some days you catch, some days you don’t, that’s just fishing,” Persaud said. “Catching fish has to do with the current, moon, bait choice and sometimes just being plain old lucky.  

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, but sometimes I blow my reel a kiss and give it a good luck pat, not sure if that helps! Needless to say, they were biting at Pickle Bank. I don’t think any boat went home empty handed.” 

Persaud earned an additional $3,000 for landing the tournament’s second heaviest wahoo, at 59.6 pounds. Crew mate Vaughan Smith added to the Miss Nicole coffers by taking home $2,000 for the heaviest yellowfin tuna, at 60.1 pounds. 

Like with all big fish, it was not an easy fight. Persaud states the battle was interesting. 

“The big wahoo I caught was caught on a Penn 12/0 senator wire with a skirted ballahoo. We actually had used up all our chum and used the satellite phone to let control know we would be heading in from Pickle Bank and should be expected at the weigh station within a few hours.  

“We were thinking about making one more run down the bank, but contemplating if we had any more time to spare as the weather was picking up and we had a long haul back to Cayman. But we said “hey what the heck, we’re already out here, let’s do it!” Sure enough, within about eight minutes, the first rod went off and Vaughn was fighting a big one. 

“Garfield was driving the boat and I was reeling in the lines to get them out of the way for Vaughn and his fish. While reeling in the wire line as fast as I could, it went off. I just had to let the line run as it was jerking up and down in the rod holder. I kept it tight and wound up when I could, meanwhile Vaughn was fighting his fish. I got the wahoo to the boat in less than 10 minutes.  

“Fishing with a three-man crew, we must have looked like a circus act out there. Our fish kept crossing paths, so Vaughn was up and over me with his rod preventing our lines from touching. Garfield was driving the boat and gaffing two big fish back to back. Let’s just say adrenaline was pumping. We were all shouting at each other and needed to catch our breath after both fish were in the boat! 

“It was a pretty great day! Needless to say we are very glad we made that last run down the bank, catching my 60-pound wahoo and Vaughn’s 60-pound tuna. We had a few double headers throughout the day, giving us lots of action and excitement. It was awesome.” 

The Barcadere Marina saw a number of anglers nab big fish. Bruce Bush of Cut N Rum earned all the accolades with a 79.4-pound wahoo, the tournament’s biggest catch, which resulted in $6,000. 

Cayman Islands Angling Club President Franklin Thompson states the event saw a good turnout of anglers and fish. 

“I feel the Barcadere Classic was extremely successful, there were 28 boats registered,” Thompson said. “Turn out was fantastic. Spectators and anglers thoroughly enjoyed the new George Town Yacht Club.” 

The next fishing tournament is the Rooster Shootout event, slated to take place between 8 and 10 March. The 2012 edition saw more than 130 anglers reel in 27 tunas and seven dolphin, with Albert McLean reeling in a 72.8-pound tuna on Too Lucky. 

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