Boat owners reminded of Stingray City rules

The Marine Conservation Board is advising the public that, after 30 June, commercial vessels using the Wildlife Interactive Zones at Stingray City and the Sandbar are required to display the vessel name in a visible location on both sides.

All licensed vessels must also display both permit decals. The board also reminds operators that licensed vessels cannot carry paying passengers into the Sand Bar Wildlife Interaction Zone any time after 2pm on weekends or after 3pm on public holidays.


  1. Maybe it is time to do a bit more than just warn and remind. There is not a time that I visit the sandbar that I do not see a guide lifting the stingrays out of the water, it is common to see some boat anchored in less than three feet of water, not rare someone playing loud music, and quite common also to see someone fishing between the sandbar and the reef. The infractors are the people that run and work on the charter boats not the tourists. Too many rules and too little enforcement!

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