Downsizing government – CFR Speaker Series returns with Jim Miller


Jim Miller, the former chair of the Miller Shaw Commission which in 2009 assessed the fiscal situation of the Cayman Islands and presented a report on how to put Cayman on a more solid financial footing, will be the latest guest speaker in the Cayman Financial Review Speaker Series. 

There is a natural tendency of politicians to increase government spending more rapidly than the economy grows, eventually leading to a financial crisis. This is the case both in large and small countries and Mr Miller, who was the chief budget officer of the US government and has advised many governments on fiscal issues, will outline the causes of the problem and what can be done to contain it.  

Mr Miller will address “Why we must and how to downsize government – lessons from the US to Cayman” at the Governors Ballroom, The Westin, on Monday 8 April from 4 to 5.30pm.  

Mr Miller is an expert on various public policy issues, including federal/state regulatory programmes, industrial organisation, antitrust, intellectual property, general litigation, fiscal finance, tax structure, federal/state spending, deficits, public choice, campaign finance, and the effects of various laws and regulations on the overall economy. From 1985 to 1988, he was director of the US Office of Management and Budget; he was a member of President Reagan’s Cabinet and a member of the National Security Council. He was the first man to manage a trillion dollar budget, and he was able to shrink the US government. From 1981 to 1985, he was chairman of the US Federal Trade Commission.  

Currently, he is a senior advisor to Husch Blackwell, LLP, an international commercial law firm, chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Tax and Investment Center, a Distinguished Fellow of the Center for Study of Public Choice at George Mason University, a Senior Fellow (by courtesy) of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and a member of the board of directors of Americans for Prosperity.  

The holder of a BBA in economics (University of Georgia, 1964) and a doctorate in economics (University of Virginia, 1969), he is the author of more than 100 articles in professional journals and is the 
author, coauthor, or editor of nine books. 

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Dr Jim Miller, Chair of the Cayman Miller-Shaw Commission


  1. It will be humorous to listen to the candidate spin around this issue, there should some hot air expended for sure, I am sure they would prefer to talk about West Bay Road and the Boddentown Waste Managment Facility.

  2. Onwards are you serious? Since the miller shaw report, the govt hired more staff and spent more. The complete opposite of the report recommendations. However, I will take your comment as sarcasm.

  3. Mr. Miller must be deeply disappointed when he sees how little of the recommendations in his Report have been implemented. The Government should be ashamed. Let’s hope he will be more successful this time.

  4. I don’t think he will be that disappointed because he makes a ton of money trying to help people who cannot manage their finances. So as long as Cayman keeps screwing up their finances there will always be money for people like him to make in Cayman.

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