Seymour: Mac ‘threw us under the bus’ on BT dump

MLAs explain landfill project position

In what may be seen as an about-face, Bodden Town MLA Dwayne Seymour said Thursday that he is not one of the supporters of a proposed waste management facility in the Midland Acres area.

The government of which Mr. Seymour was a part as a backbench member for nearly four years had long proposed the opening of a landfill site in the eastern section of Bodden Town as part of a sweeping land swap/development agreement with the Dart group of companies. However, Mr. Seymour said Thursday during a Cabinet press briefing that he never supported such a move and essentially held his tongue on the issue.

“I’m sure that a lot of people have squabbles in their family, but they don’t come out and say it on the radio,” Mr. Seymour said Thursday.

In fact, the now-Minister of Community Affairs said he wasn’t even asked about the issue prior to a decision being made.

“I was a part of a group who made a decision that we could solve the waste management problem where it was at the current site [referring to George Town] and then the former premier made an announcement to me and my colleagues that the waste management facility was going in Bodden Town, throwing us under the bus,” Mr. Seymour said. “I want to make clear that I wasn’t happy at that time that Bodden Town was the chosen site without even coming to us as representatives first.”

The Caymanian Compass contacted former Premier McKeeva Bush about Mr. Seymour’s comments. Mr. Bush said his former United Democratic Party backbencher was “trying to run for cover”.

“I am not surprised at all that Dwayne or the rest of them would try and duck their responsibility in this matter, or indeed, any matter over the last four years,” Mr. Bush said. “They were at all times involved and always at the forefront of the decision of the landfill going to Bodden Town. All of them [referring to the interim government members], but in particular, the two members from Bodden Town.

“I left it, as is usually done with things in members’ districts, for those members to have their say.”

Mr. Seymour’s Bodden Town colleague, Mark Scotland, was more circumspect about the matter.

“I have always been in support of identifying a solution to the George Town landfill issue,” Mr. Scotland said. “If the solution is to put a facility in Bodden Town, or East End or North Side or West Bay…then I support that.

“I’m a practical person [who] says we need to find a solution,” he said.

During a public meeting held in March 2012 in Bodden Town Mr. Seymour made some comments on the issue:

“I haven’t said much on the subject of the proposed waste management facility in Bodden Town,” Mr. Seymour said at the time.. “However, I can assure you that my silence does not (mean) automatic consent.” 

Mr. Seymour, serving his first term in the Legislative Assembly, said he did agree the current George Town landfill was a “disaster” that needed to be addressed.  “I will not support a solution unless it is in the best interests of the people of Bodden Town and the best interests of the Cayman 
Islands,” he said.  

Minister Scotland said during that same meeting that a technical and environmental review would be done and must show that the landfill is in the best interest of Bodden Town residents before he would support the project. 

“But I’m not going to be deterred by the politicking that’s going on,” he said. 



  1. Dwayne Seymour: I’m sure that a lot of people have squabbles in their family, but they don’t come out and say it on the radio.

    My dear Dwayne, politics is not a family affair. You were elected to represent the people of Bodden Town! You should have openly oppose the Waste Management facility proposal from the day it was suggested in your party!

    Stop trying to make excuses to get yourself re-elected for a fat salary. We are not fools!

  2. This is such a poor attempt to win votes, anyone can see that! He could have easily not agreed with this in the past and just been out voted. We must not elect wall flowers. If he is scared of his own voice, he is not worthy of being a MLA, period. oh cowardly lion, go take a nap.

  3. I would really hate to take any sides in this wrangling about the proposed Dump for Bodden Town, but as a watcher of all districts, I have also been watching this one too.
    I would like to first say , I smell a Rat That means something is not right. I have the greatest of Respect for Mr Bush and I have the greatest of respect for Mr Dwain Seymour, but I have no respect to think of what Politics money and power will cause us to do. I do not know what went on behind closed doors on the Dump deal for Bodden Town, but I am tired of seeing Caymanian men going at each others throats because of politics. I truly do not feel that Mr Dwain Seymour would be the one to entertain moving the Dump to Bodden Town because he was at those times just an MLA, however I have observed his doings since he became a Minister, and I believe for the five months he has done an impeccable job. What can anyone really say bad about the young man? Nothing. He is a man of few words, but what ever he says is very effective. I hope the people of Bodden Town returns him to Office, I think he will do well and I am very sure he would work with any team and the others know this too. Still I do not want to hear any cross words between he and Mr Bush, they have came a long way and for the good of Cayman please stop it gentlemen.

  4. Mr Seymour would you please return your salary to the CIG because you have failed to act in the good interest of the people of bodden town by not doing what you were paid to do and respresent the people there. If you did not agree with the scheme you should stood up and said so instead you sat on the same bench as your party outside the post office and did nothing when MLA for GT slagged off the very people your were paid to respresent. You appeared on Rooster with Mr Scotland and told us it was a done deal. That we could not afford scheme in GT and so landfill in BT for in the nations interest. Please now step aside in this election and give way for to someone who will respresent the interests of BT instead of staying dumb when we need them.

    You were happy to be photographed at WB road ground breaking which was a part of the same deal as BT and had the private citizens of BT not stood up against the mighty Dart who would not said a word now either. But it now too late to save yourself as by not standing up you are as guilty as charged and now need to go – yes I repeat myself so it sinks in his time. So good bye and please don’t come back – there is an old saying anyone can make a mistake but only a fool makes the same mistake twice!!!

  5. I will vote for ANYONE who comes up with a viable and creative solution to ridding Cayman Brac of its dreadfully poisonous dump on the South Side! This horrible stew of garbage has been percolating right next to Crown Land – and is a veritable mini-mountain of trash and smelly garbage – for 20 years and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE BY ANYONE EXCEPT THE CAYMAN BRAC FIRE SERVICE WHO PUT OUT THE SMOULDERING AND CONSTANT FIRES. This is a shame and outrage, and I care more for having OUR dump disappear than for getting into fusses over the Bodden Town Dump.

  6. Dwayne,how can anyone trust you to do the right thing if you don’t have the guts to stand up for what you believe? If you were afraid to speak out on Bodden Towns behalf in reference to the dump why should we think you will work in our favor.
    This is just a ploy for votes.You don’t deserve to represent the people of Bodden Town !!!

  7. Mr Seymour stops pointing fingers… Mr Bush didn’t throw anyone under the bus. You all were working together as a Party then, and now that the shoe is on the other foot you are saying this. By this type of behaviour this will not help you by making excuses to get yourself re-elected for a fat salary the people of BT are not stupid.


  8. Caymaniantothebone, according to what I have been hearing it would seem as if you are dead wrong. I am reading, and of course I can understand the political movement between the lines; however the only thing I am reading is nonsense about people want to get in for fat salary. Are you aware that Dwayne Seymour does not need the fat salary you speak about. The man is a well established business man. My suggestion is to come with something better than that.

  9. Does he really expect anyone to believe that excuse ? Seymour – save yourself the embarrassment and drop out of the elections NOW !

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