Cannon taking aim at improving local goalie skills

Hockey goalies in Cayman recently got a boost.

Local resident Randy Cannon led a four-week camp at Kings Sports Centre targeting goaltenders. The Canadian states the goal was to boost interest and skill level at the position.

“The goalie camp ran Saturday mornings at Kings and I set up the camp so that we could build on the skills learned each week and really drive home the fundamentals,” Cannon said. “The programme was designed to help goalies of all ages and included goalies from all three divisions in the youth roller hockey league: eight and under, 10-U and 13-U.

“Depending on the week, there were about 12-15 goalies that showed up. We would start each week with the full group doing some goalie specific skating, working on proper positioning and form for their stance and butterfly. I would then split the kids into groups of three or four, depending on their age and experience.”

Cannon, 28, is no stranger to hockey circles as arguably the best goalie in Cayman. He was won numerous roller hockey and ball hockey titles, even topping both disciplines in the same year, with his most recent triumph coming with the Burger King Gamebirds in 2012.

For the camp, Cannon states he had help from a number of local netminders.

“We had three different nets set up on the court and a group would spend about 15-20 minutes at a station and then rotate to the next one. This kept all the goalies involved and also ensured that they completed three different types of drills each week to address different types of game situations.

“Each one of these stations had an instructor goalie, either myself, Scott Hughes, Dylan Bostock or Jeremy Olynik, to ensure they were doing the drill correctly. For each drill, we had players from the youth and adult roller leagues to volunteer as shooters.”

Cannon, who hails from Prince Edward Island, states a pair of youngsters stood out above the rest.

“It is amazing how a little bit of correct technical training can improve a young goaltender’s game. The other instructors and I noticed improvement in every single goalie that attended the camp.

“Joe Allom (10-U) and Andrew Hastings (8-U) really stood out as two young goaltenders that bought into the skills we were teaching, combined with their determination and drive, to keep the puck out of the net. They really improved over the four weeks.”

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