Held Hostage at The License Bureau

My wife and I, former residents of Grand Cayman visited your island last week for a quick visit.  

Doing the right thing, we visited the License Bureau to get a temporary visitors license to drive a friend’s vehicle. The cost we were told was US$21 each, until the agent at the window told us that since we were ex-residents our cost was CI$150 each! This, even though we were only visiting for one week. She said that in all cases such as this, no exceptions, ex-residents had to renew their expired licences from date of expiry. 

This also leads to the question of what address would be on my “new” license. How many fraudulent licences have been issued and are out there around the world? 

Cayman must thrive on tourism. Why would the government consent to this unscrupulous legislation and effectively discourage repeat visitations? 

(And NO, we didn’t buy in to this cash grab.) 


Edward Kaye 


  1. Basic extortion is what this is…and you did the right thing by refusing to pay this ‘shake-down’ money for a week of driving on your vacation in Cayman.

    Do the rest of the world a favour and officially REPORT this to the Foreign Commonwealth Office Cayman Desk and have them look into it.

    Cayman’s authorities think that they’re untouchable but I can guarantee you…

    They’re not !

  2. Yeah, they tried the same stunt with us. Since we had left in 1999 they couldn’t find the records, but we foolishly had our old licenses with us. Once the extortion spiel started we gracefully left the premises before they could take down the details. We then returned to a different person with a different story and got the 21 temporary licences. Ridiculous.

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