Vote to right wrongs

The power conferred upon the Legislative Assembly is to stand fast on a course of navigation to a beacon leading to the advancement and security of the governed.

Abandonment of this trust is liken to a commander of a war vessel who is forewarned of a collision course appearing in the dark of night by a flashing light. The commander forwards a signal to the oncoming beacon to change course by 20 degrees to the northeast. The response is repeated by the flashing light that the collision course has not been altered.

The commander in his fury sends another signal that it is a fully manned war ship and it will not change its course. The signal in its response has not changed its course but does advise the commander to do as he pleases as it is a bulb in a lighthouse built upon a point of destruction.

Thomas Jefferson stated “it is the right of the people to alter or abolish and institute new government and to provide new guards for their future security”.

Government should not be rewarded as a force by might but as a force by right.

We the people are entitled to certain inalienable rights, which are secured by birth or naturalisation to this country. We are in control of our present and future destiny by truth and love of our country and our neighbours.

It is noted that truth and wisdom follow separate but parallel paths and at a junction of the crossing of the paths, truth and wisdom shall meet, embrace and kiss and justice shall emerge as the gentle waters of the rain falls from the heaven and nourishes the Earth upon which we live.

We must vote with a curative perception to right the wrongs from the past and to foster economic growth. This will not be achieved with a continuation of the “good old boys”.

Each vote is to be selective upon an evaluation of the candidates’ integrity, capacity, sincerity and the dedication of time to devote to the challenge.

Paul Gargano

Cayman Kai

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