Food, culture at monthly event

Caymankind campaign kicks up a level

Arts, crafts, music and food will be presented in George Town in the first of a planned monthly festival-type event. 

This showcase is driven by local businesses and supported by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, which is moving into the second phase of the Caymankind initiative. 

The department has been tracking attitudes, perceptions and behaviours associated with warm weather destination travel for the past four years in a brand tracking survey, said Shomari Scott, director of tourism. 

“Based on the findings from the survey the [department] is keen to see a greater infusion of Caymanian culture included within the visitor experience,” he noted. 

At the airport, the new mural and the live music on arrival has proved popular, he said. The goal is to increase similar activities and portray an authentic and meaningful understanding and experience of Cayman’s heritage and vibe. 

Tourism Minister Cline Glidden explained the process. 

“With phase two of the Caymankind campaign, the Department of Tourism understood that increasing the number of touch points where Caymankind could come to life within the destination was of vital importance and brainstormed on the most effective ways to reach as many visitors as possible. 

“Since all stay-over visitors must pass through the airport, it was a logical location and the Department leveraged the opportunity to promote the Cayman Islands to visitors at the start of their vacation in this unique and engaging way,” he noted. 

Mr. Scott added thwat it was time to “take the campaign to the next level”. 

“Our research and feedback from focus groups with consumers and key influencers – such as travel agents and wholesale operators – confirmed that one of the main reasons why visitors return to our islands is because of the warm and friendly welcome they receive from virtually everyone they encounter during their vacation.  

“In line with that feedback, we felt it was important to not only reinforce the warm, safe and welcoming aspects of Caymankind, but to convey these attributes through an overt and tangible connection to our people.”
The first event takes place at the George Town waterfront and features Margaritaville and Breezes by the Bay plus various vendors from the district of North Side. Entertainment is provided by local bands and entertainers and there will also be tours conducted of the historic Elmslie Memorial Church. The family-friendly event is free, Mr. Scott said. 

“Caymankind was developed to capture elements of the islands’ unique appeal – from the friendliness of our people and our rich cultural heritage, to our cosmopolitan style and stunning natural beauty. 

“[This] more overtly emphasises what Caymankind is, by making the connection to our Caymanian people more tangible.” 

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