First postal ballots sent out

Voters urged to apply now if they want postal ballots or mobile voting

With 161 postal ballots sent out on Friday, election officials are urging voters not to wait if they want to cast their ballot other than at the polls in the general election on Wednesday, 22 May. 

Students studying overseas and other electors who will be off island are encouraged to apply for 
postal ballots.  

Voters who will find it physically difficult to get to their polling division may apply for mobile voting. This option is also open to individuals who will not be able to go in person to the polling station on 22 May because of the general nature of their occupation, service 
or employment.  

Mobile voting will take place, one day in each district, between Friday, 10 May and Thursday, 16 May. 

Returning officers dealt with the first batch of applications for postal ballots on Friday. Candidates and their agents were allowed to attend. 

At the Elections Office in the Smith Road Centre, Deputy Supervisor of Elections Colford Scott pointed to displayed lists of voters who had applied for postal ballots. There were 95 such applications from George Town; 32 from West Bay; 28 from Bodden town; two from North Side and one from East End. Mr. Scott said there were three applications from Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and these were dealt with in the Brac. 

The last date for applications to be received from electors seeking to vote by postal ballot or mobile polling will be Thursday, 9 May. 

The Elections Law provides voters are entitled to have their votes taken at a mobile polling station if they are unable or likely to be unable to go in person to the polling station because they are likely to be in a hospital, rest home or other similar institution or because they are geriatrics at home. Another reason would be blindness or some other physical incapacity which would prevent them from going to the polling station or cast their ballot unaided. 

In such cases, a mobile station will go to them. 

Application Form C may be obtained from the Elections Office or downloaded from its website.  

For the postal or absentee ballot, the correct application is Form B. An advisory from the Elections Office suggests that those voters who may have travel plans already and will be off island on Election Day should also take advantage of this option. It directs: “Please note that a copy of your ticket or itinerary should be delivered/mailed along with the original completed 
Form B.” 

Individual travel plans may be impacted by the fact the Election Day is a holiday and so is Monday, 20 May – celebrated as Discovery Day. 

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