Applying for affordable housing

Through its Affordable Housing Initiative, the National Housing Development Trust builds houses and sells or rents them to successful applicants. (As of fall 2012, the trust is no longer selling houses to new applicants, and instead has opted for a five-year rental programme.) 


Application packages can be collected from the Trust office, Unit No. 4, Cayman Centre, 118 Dorcy Drive, George Town. 




First-time home owner 

Maximum income of $30,000 per year (single) or $45,000 per year (joint applicants) 

Currently employed for at least six months, or self-employed for two years or more 

Currently reside on Grand Cayman 

For purchasers, be the owner/occupier of the home being purchased and be within the age bracket required for repaying a mortgage 



For purchase, two-bedroom houses are sold for $56,900 and three-bedroom houses are sold for $69,900. 

For rent, two-bedroom one-bath houses cost $600 per month. Two-bedroom two-bath houses cost $700 per month. Three-bedroom two-bath houses cost $800 per month. 



The trust uses a priority means test to allow for fair assessment of all applications. 

The trust uses a shared equity mortgage programme, meaning the purchaser owns a percentage of the home being purchased, based on the amount for which they are qualified. The remaining percentage of ownership is retained by the trust. Owners can purchase the trust-owned percentage at a later date. 

Owners who sell their homes within a specified period stated by the trust will be required to reimburse the trust a portion of the sales proceeds. 

There is no guarantee as to when a qualified applicant will be approved to receive a home. 


  1. They’re a lot of old people who have no homes just renting no possibility to have a proper paying job. Can’t afford health insurance, lost all of their savings . Living from day to day can’t afford to pay dentists who make 50,000 per day to keep what little teeth they have. Isn’t it time that we make a retirement village who are not around children . Not everyone wants to live in a tenement yard with a bunch of spoiled children taking care of more spoiled children. They need a separate place thats quiet with infrastructure . Low cost medical,dental, helpers etc. Children don’t always want to help or can’t help their parents .
    There should be a proper organization to help our senior citizens who already gave or lost their money due to recession, medical operations etc.

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