Mango Tree hits more bull’s eyes

Mango Tree will be the scene for more darts action. 

The George Town establishment is hosting a round-robin tournament, put on by the Cayman Islands Darts Association, this Saturday, 13 April, from 7.30pm. 

Association venue inspector Cassius Anglin said the competition is about promoting the sport. 

“For the round-robin tournament, all are welcomed to come out and play,” Anglin said. “It is being held to raise the level of darts. There is a $15 registration fee in which a percentage goes to the association for fundraising and there will be a cash prize.” 

Saturday’s event will feature many of the top teams and players in the national darts league. Heading into this week, the Rainbow Legends topped the standings ahead of Illocandia and third place Fidel Murphy’s. 

Among the notable names are Michelle Terry, who has 24 points and a high finish of 110, tops among the ladies; Richard Campbell, sporting a league-best 39 points and Hank “The Hammer” Ebanks, who has produced 35 points. 

League games have taken place on Wednesday nights at the Mango Tree, Fidel Murphy’s, Triple Crown, Pirates Den and the Grand Caymanian. 

The national league is the second major ongoing local competition. Association vice president Frank Martyr is spearheading the Cayman versus Team Philippines monthly tournament. It takes place at the Mango Tree at the end of each month, with the next round of games slated for 27 April at 7pm. The Philippines led that series 3-1 heading into February. 

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