Two election workers released

Oath of office precludes partisanship

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez confirmed on Friday that two election workers have been released. 

The Elections Office had to release them for not complying with their oath of office, he said. 

Mr. Gomez declined to name them, but did say they were training as poll clerks. 

One of the two individuals actually nominated a candidate, he said, while the other was seen on Facebook along with a candidate sporting a shirt with the wording “vote for” along with the candidate’s name. 

The Elections Law sets out the wording of the various oaths taken by presiding officers, poll clerks, logistics officers and field officers. The wording differs slightly, but they all state the person taking the oath will act “without partiality, fear, favour or affection”. 

Mr. Gomez said, “As you know, we continually state that whilst we have no objection to elections officers attending political meetings, they cannot participate in any way in a candidate’s political campaign. They must be seen to be non-partisan; otherwise it brings the election process into disrepute.” 


  1. Hunter – I thought only Caymanians could nominate candidates. Maybe you were being sarcastic here.

    As for the other one? Well, that photo might just still be on Facebook. I’m surprised the Compass didn’t run it.

    Nice to see the Elections Office doing their job but I suspect the threat of UK intervention has concentrated their efforts.

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