Timeline: The civil service on again, off again pay raise

May 2008: In a tight 2008/09 budget, then-Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts agrees to fund a 3.2 per cent across-the-board pay raise for civil servants, made retroactive from 1 July, 2007. 

June 2010: Facing budget austerity, the United Democratic Party government cuts the 3.2 per cent pay raise given in 2008.. 

November 2010: The Caymanian Compass first reports that a number of civil servants have been awarded pay raises after the 3.2 per cent increase is taken away. 

January 2011: A two-month examination of Cayman Islands central government pay records has revealed that 80 civil servants within 20 government departments, portfolios and ministries received pay increases between 1 March and 31 October, 2010.  

August 2011: Premier McKeeva Bush promises that a 3.2 per cent cost-of-living pay raise will be awarded to civil servants again in the 2011/12 budget. December 2011: The 3.2 per cent pay increase is granted 

August 2012: The 3.2 per cent cost of living pay increase is revoked, again, with the additional $5 million to $6 million in projected savings going to pay off retirees past due pensions.  

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