Better Communication with Sound Music Therapy

Cayman Echoic Services is helping children and adults improve their auditory processing through music therapy, leading to better communication, improved focus and attention, and easier learning.

The company utilities recognised music therapies which have been shown to help those with special needs improve their focus and communication skills.

Once such therapy is Auditory Processing Awakening. APA is based on the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, a French ear, nose and throat specialist, who spent his career developing a clinically proven method for retraining the ear and brain to improve learning, communication, energy, balance and mood.

He adapted techniques to treat a wide range of disorders using recordings by Mozart, Gregorian Chant, and the voices of his patients’ mothers.

APA is a sound-based therapy in which clients listen to music through specialised headphones. The music is processed and filtered at various stages of the therapy and the headphones include a bone conductor to further stimulate the auditory system.

Although specials needs are the main focus of Cayman Echoic’s services, it has also been proven that music therapy can benefit people of all ages and assist with relaxation or fighting depression.

To ensure the therapy is affordable to all, Cayman Echoic Services is currently offering low prices coupled with a variety of payment plan options. A therapist can visit a client in their home, or school if they so wish. 

Cayman Echoic Services also offer a translations service, English to Spanish, or Spanish to English.

  • One to three letter size pages can be turned around in a minimum of just three days and is priced at $25 per page.
  • One to three legal size pages can be done in a minimum of three days and is priced at $35 per page.
  • An express translation service is also available within the day and is priced at $100 for one to two pages; $25 for pages thereafter.
  • We also offer pickup and delivery for $5 per trip.



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