Trust your car to Tony’s Toys

Servicing and maintenance are essential to the life of your car.

To ensure you get thousands of useful miles, you need people servicing your vehicle who care about your car and care about you.

At Tony’s Toys, we are a complete service centre you can trust. Our pricing for routine maintenance is based on the work actually performed, not for checking and inspecting your vehicle.

A thorough inspection of your vehicle is performed at every oil change at no additional charge. You pay only for the work that is necessary.

If there is something that needs attention on your vehicle, like worn brakes or tires, you need to know about it. We try to be as thorough as possible and to keep you informed so you can make intelligent choices about your vehicle, its value and overall condition.

We service all makes and models and now have on staff a factory trained European car specialist.

Your vehicle, no matter how well it is built, is a machine. Machines need routine maintenance, care and attention. We will do our job by advising you of needed repairs and maintenance.

We will not push or hard sell you. It is your car and the choices are always yours. Repairing and maintaining your vehicle is not only our job, it is a partnership. The choices are always yours. We are simply guides and facilitators.

Trusting your car with us is hassle-free as we offer additional services such as a shuttle service, loaner cars and free car washes with a full service.

Take care of your car and it will take care of you. That is the true position at Tony’s Toys.