An opportunity to redefine our future

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Independent for North Side
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Twenty-nine years ago, the people of North Side gave me the opportunity to represent them in the Legislative Assembly and over two terms (1984-1992), I believe my contribution to the governance of our country resulted in many ground-breaking achievements and legislation.

Four years ago, I was afforded another opportunity and have been proud to represent North Side, while taking a firm stance for good governance and integrity.

Unfortunately, over the past four years, there has been a lack of good leadership in our country and the evidence of that is all around us: a lagging economy, with record levels of unemployment among Caymanians, corruption, cronyism and mismanagement of our resources.

We have to reverse these negative trends and look to a future in which integrity, accountability and good governance are restored to our country.

We must take this opportunity to rekindle hope, re-energize ambition, re-build meritocracy, demand respect, reward excellence and accept best practices to create a new vision for Cayman.

Some specific areas of focus should be:

  • Education:
    We must continue to invest in education – the key to our future success.
    Educational opportunities must be linked to existing and future job opportunities. We must select the top students in our country for full scholarships to the best learning institutions in the world, where they can train for specific jobs. We need Caymanian judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers, bankers, fund managers, accountants, top administrators in the civil service, among other key positions. We can  invest in our young people’s education for these and other jobs and give them opportunities to work and become stakeholders in businesses in our country.
  • Our economy:
    We need to strengthen the current pillars of our economy and focus on building a future based on greater ownership for Caymanians that guarantee them jobs and a share of the wealth.
    There can be no sustainability in our economy without Caymanian participation and ownership.
  • Jobs for Caymanians 

A central goal of our next government must be to reverse the current negative employment situation, which has over 2,000 Caymanians out of work. We must do what is necessary to give Caymanians job opportunity, training, mentoring, reward and hope for the future, whether through education, retraining or cancelling work permits.
Independent for North Side


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