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We are facing an election following four years in which our country has taken a turn for the worse, with an unprecedented departure from good governance. Corruption and perceptions thereof have been a constant subtext over these past four years, and  in many instances, the wishes of the majority of our people have been sacrificed because of stubborn and out-of-touch political leadership.

Our country cannot face another four years with more of the same.

In this election, the people of the Cayman Islands must send a message that the rule of law is of paramount importance to our democracy and we do not tolerate malfeasance by any politician or leader.

We need proven leadership at this critical time — leadership with a track record of honest, reliable representation. As a proud representative for East End and an independent candidate, I am prepared to work with others in the Legislative Assembly on behalf of the people. However, I am only prepared to support those who are committed to govern with honesty and integrity as the cornerstone of their principles.

My goal is to focus on priority areas for the advancement of East End and our country.


  • Further encourage the development of tourist-related facilities and small businesses.
  • Lobby to increase the amount of commercially zoned property in East End.
  • Continue to support the Health City project and encourage East Enders to build apartments to take advantage of opportunities from Health City.
  • Build a purpose-built retirement home for the elderly.
  • Develop additional facilities around the Civic Center to meet current and future needs.
  • Support the development of a adult training programme and utilize the facilities at the Clifton Hunter High School.
  • Through the relevant government agency, promote drug and crime awareness programmes from an early age.
  • Through the relevant government agency, promote social skills programmes from an early age.
  • Through the relevant government agency, promote random adult skill set programmes.
  • Through the relevant government agency, undertake to determine and maintain an Unemployment and skill set database.
  • Through the relevant government agency or NGO, support and promote wholesome programmes such as Scouting, Girls Guide and competitive and recreational sports.


  • Support the establishment of a minimum wage.
  • Continue plans for the development of an alternative waste disposal method through a Waste to Energy Programme.
  • Support the restructuring of immigration and labor policies to ensure Caymanians are given greater job opportunities.
  • Support the amendment of the Election Law to ensure single member constituencies are implemented.



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