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Dwene Ebanks has served as a dedicated and hardworking civil servant in various government departments for 16 years. He is a certified business advisor with counseling and mentoring certifications from the Institute of Business Advisers at Anglia Ruskin’s University, UK. He also has a diploma in Management Practice from the University College of the Cayman Islands and recently he has completed studies to become a Certified Economic Developer, the master’s degree equivalent of economic development through the International Economic Development Council in Washington DC needing only to sit his exams and interviews.

While with the Department of Tourism, where he was a member of the department’s core marketing and promotions team he represented the Cayman Islands at many trade and consumer shows including DEMA and the World Travel Expo in Berlin Germany. Mr. Ebanks also temporarily worked in DoT’s UK, New York and Miami offices getting to better understand the country’s overseas operations and the nuances of promoting the destination overseas.

Mr. Ebanks has represented the Cayman Islands’Maritime Authority (formerly shipping registry) promoting the Cayman Islands’ flag to the world. He has represented and promoted the Financial Services Industry at some of their biggest trade events including: ASHRM & RIMS for reinsurance and he has also directly promoted the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange in Europe Bermuda.

Mr. Ebanks, in his capacity as the Department of Commerce & Investment’s Business Development advisor, guided many residents on their path to achieving their entrepreneurial ambitions and ended his service with the DCI heading up the Special Economic Zone Secretariat, in which he was instrumental in policies, systems and regulations formations.

West Bayers have a candidate with experiences that are rooted in service that is bigger than self and span both the Financial Services Industry and Tourism. He has been appointed to sit on public boards/committees including the Labour Tribunal as chairman and during the past three years served at the appointment of former Gov. Peter Smith to the Parole Commissioner’s board. He has also served this community as a Notary Public for the past eight years.

Mr. Ebanks is the current district representative for West Bay under the National Hazard Management Agency. He played a vital role in management of the WB’s shelter operations before, during and after Hurricane Ivan. He was awarded Civil Servant of the Year in 1998 having only just been in the service two years prior and was recognized by the former Cayman Islands Hotel & Condominium Association in 2000 for his outstanding contributions to Tourism Development.

“As the people’s choice for West Bay, it will be my responsibility to serve the people’s needs and so it will be my duty to continue to feel the pulse of the West Bay District for each day of my elected term. As part of the proactive plan for this, I have engaged my campaign committee that we will continue to work together long after elections are over, to be the watchdog for the district, to ensure all elected representatives, do what is in the best interest of the people and not be self-serving.”

Unemployment in West Bay is high, so creating sustainable jobs would be an immediate focus when elected.

“We have determined through an FOI that there are at minimum 350 jobs within the district of West Bay alone that are on work permits. Some of these are jobs we know can be filled by West Bayers. My immediate mandate would be to push for a labour officer in the district so we may match skills and qualifications of the unemployed to current jobs on permit. West Bayers don’t want hand-outs. They are simply looking for the opportunities they were promised year after year.

“I am pro-growth and believe that our best days are ahead. An Investment Promotions Law is what I believe would best serve and better manage our long-term development goals. This law would remove the penchant for plane-hopping and trade mission junkets in the name of attracting investments. The vision must be larger than any one leader’s personal ambition that most often is only seeking to score political points and re-election chest-thumps.”

How can one man make a difference? Why # 9, Dwene Ebanks? It was Martin Luther King Jr.–one man–that championed change to the racial divide in the United States. Nelson Mandela–one man–who helped form the first black government of South Africa after being imprisoned for over 20 years for being against apartheid. Ms. Annie Huldah Bodden–one Caymanian woman who gave voice to women in this country and is considered a local hero. These amazing achievements by one person show that the power of one can never be watered down and discredited.

“I am offering to bring life back to West Bay through strategies of labour, education and community development with a focus on the elderly, nation building through the arts and economic development with a focus on small businesses. Take Caribbean Bakery in West Bay as a small business. Why is it that this bakery named Caribbean Bakery is not exporting its products around the Caribbean and other places? We must create the framework which allows small businesses like this to expand and grow beyond our shores.”

West Bayers are encouraged to vote for those who can be trusted to ALWAYS have their interest at the table . Vote to restore hope, dignity and opportunities for all, by not voting straight but smart.

Vote #9 Dwene Alson Ebanks.

Don’t Vote Straight, Vote Smart  


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