A Healthy Country begins with Healthy Leadership

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Formerly in the financial services industry, George Town independent candidate Jude Scott places paramount importance on excellence, honesty, integrity and accountability. A popular choice for the 2013 election, Jude shares his thoughts on how to bridge the future to a better Cayman.

Like many in our Country, I come from a humble beginning. What I have achieved in my life has been due to the support and guidance of incredible parents, hard work, a caring community, and embracing the opportunities available to me in our Country. I want to give back to our Country to ensure that our future generations are able to have the opportunities they deserve. Our people deserve an ethical and capable government that puts country first. We have many issues to face but together we can build a stronger, healthier Cayman.

Healthy Country – what does it mean?

A Healthy Country means moving forward as One Cayman. When I think Healthy Country, I see a nation that works together with excellence, honesty and dedication to overcome challenges, and embrace opportunities.

I see a nation that loves its Country and its People. Together we are strong, together we have hope, together we can once again be a great nation with a healthy economy, healthy society, healthy government finances, healthy industries, healthy employment opportunities and a healthy education system… together we must build the bridge to the successful future that our children deserve.

Healthy Leadership – what is it?

Healthy Leadership is to act with integrity, courage, selflessness, objectivity and accountability. It is the ability to lead, unite, and make prompt and effective decisions. It is also the ability to understand when decisions require more research, consultation or analysis. Healthy Leadership is having good governance, operating with cohesive policies; Healthy Leadership is taking a holistic approach to our problems.

Healthy Leadership always puts Country first. Healthy Leadership is vital to a Healthy Country and it is up to each of us to exercise our responsibility with care and to elect the best Leaders. We cannot leave the future of our Country, or our children’s future, to chance.

We must hold each other to high standards, take responsibility for our actions, and choose what’s right for Cayman…leaders who are honest, leaders who have integrity, leaders who have the competence and ability to lead, inspire and unite our People. Healthy leadership will leverage the talents of our community, facilitate a shared vision, develop a cohesive strategy and deliver a successful and sustainable healthy future.

During my career I have focused on providing world-class service, while also investing in the development and advancement of talented Caymanians.

Service to our Country has been natural for me, having assisted under various governments on a number of councils and boards including the Education Council, Financial Services Council, Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, Cayman Airways, and the Ministerial Council for Tourism and Development, looking forward to the betterment of the Country. Our Country needs effective leadership. My success in leadership roles within the financial services industry, the tourism industry, and my ability to work together with the civil service, places me in the unique position to be an excellent leader for our Country.

Bridging the Future – how do we get there?

First, we must identify our problems- listening to all perspectives. Once we understand the issues, we can then find the solutions that best serve our Country and our People. Many of the great ideas that can solve our problems lay here in Cayman and I believe in fostering an environment where people are comfortable sharing their ideas on how we can again make our Country great.

I believe significant decisions made by a good government should include due process, proper analysis of value for money, appropriate transparency, and demonstrate that the decision provides tangible and sustainable benefits to Cayman and Caymanians. I support growth and development in our industries, however, we must ensure our industries provide tangible and sustainable benefits to Cayman and Caymanians. Our problems can be solved- it will take hard work but moving forward as One Cayman, we can be a healthy country once again.


Jude Scott graduated from the Cayman Islands High School in 1985 and received his Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting) from Baylor University in 1991. A Certified Public Accountant, Jude has been a partner with Ernst & Young and served as the global CEO of Maples & Calder. He has served as the chairman of the board of Cayman Airways and on the Ministerial Council for Tourism and Development and has sat on various boards and committees of the Cayman Islands Baptist Church, Cayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants, Cayman Islands Stock Exchange, Cayman National Corporation, Constitutional Commission, Education Council, Financial Services Council, Hedge Funds Care and the National Recovery Fund.


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