Strong Leadership… for a change

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I have spent my career both as an attorney and as a tireless contributor to my community and have served on a long list of statutory boards and private sector committees. I am particularly well known and respected for my many years of dedication as Chairman of the Immigration Board.

For the past few years I have become increasingly alarmed at the direction politics have taken and, trusting my instincts and at the urging of many, decided to set aside my career in order to bring balance and change to Government.

I’ve always been involved in the affairs of Cayman from as far back as I can remember but I’ve never had the level of concern that I have today. My decision to run therefore has not been out of a desire to be a political leader but rather, out of a moral obligation to my country.

We need fully accountable leaders who can be trusted to spend wisely every day of the four years they are charged to do so. We also need to address unemployment by, in part, changing the way Work Permits are issued and reducing Government’s dependence on those fees in order to ensure qualified Caymanians are given preference for jobs as the law intended.

I will implement programs in coordination with the private sector to provide re-tooling and re-training for those threatened with redundancies to ensure they are equipped with new skill sets for the many job opportunities that either exist or allow them to adapt to the needs of a changing world.

I will be a voice for our children. This most important part of our population has, for too long, been ignored. Our children’s health, safety, education and overall wellbeing have not been our priority however, they are our future leaders and the continued success of Cayman depends on them.

To this end, I will ensure that children that fall victim to crimes are shown that our society cares by introducing tougher sentencing for their offenders.

“One size fits all” in education has failed our children, and this too must be reevaluated to ensure that our children develop to their full potential whether it be in academics, sports or vocational training. We must significantly improve our standards and give our children the tools necessary to achieve their individual goals in life.

I pledge to cut wasteful spending in Government which will reduce its dependence on other sources of revenue such as duties on fuel and fees that threaten our main economic pillars–financial services, tourism and development.

I know I can be a force for change and I ask you to give me that opportunity on 22nd May.

Strong Leadership for a Change 

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