Chamber Elections Survey

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The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey of its members between 24 January and 5 February 2013. There were 254 responses received.
Some key highlights of the survey:

  • 87.7% of the respondent business were located in George Town.
  • 91.6% of the respondents were not satisfied with the way things are going in the Cayman Islands.
  • 56.6% of the respondents felt the economic conditions today are fair. 36.3% thought they were poor.
  • The respondents 5 most critical issues facing the Cayman Islands were: Government competence; Crime and public safety; Public Spending; Cost of living/National debt (tied) then Cost of doing business/Education (tied).
  • The respondents 5 extremely important issues to be discussed in the Cayman Islands were: Government spending; National debt; Crime and public safety, Cost of living then Cost of doing business.
  • With regards respondents thoughts on what matters most in selecting a candidate the following were the responses from highest to lowest:
  • Whether the candidate has a solid plan and support from the majority of the community to address the Islands’ problems
  • The character or personal qualities of a candidate
  • The candidates potion in the issues
  • The candidates overall experience
  • The political party of a candidate
  • The following were the top 3 responses of which factors influenced the respondents political opinion:
  • The candidates positions/manifesto
  • The candidates impact on the respondents personal economic conditions
  • The candidates impact on the respondents business

For more information on the survey contact please contact the Chamber at 743-9122


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