It’s time for LIME TV

Coming to the broadband connection in your home, LIME TV is going to revolutionise your viewing experience by offering television, movies and music without affecting the connection speed on your other electronic devices. Now you can get all the channels you want and lots of free content on a system that will be unaffected by weather and doesn’t require an antennae or dish to be installed.

You simply use the LIME broadband setup already in your home (or sign up for LIME broadband) and LIME TV can be hooked up via a Set Top Box to your television.

Here are just a few of the many advantages to choosing LIME TV:

  •  You can bundle your Landline, Internet, Mobile and Entertainment services with one provider.
  •  All your favourite TV stations from networks like ABC, CBS and NBC to premium sports, movie and documentary channels.
  •  24-hour phone assistance.
  •  Record your favourite programmes, or pause them when you’re watching so you can take a phone call or grab a snack.
  •  “Search Live TV” allows you to find available TV and shows and movies;
  • it couldn’t be easier to find whatyou want.
  • If you’ve already got LIME broadband, you don’t need to upgrade your package to get LIME TV!

Some customers may wonder if they’re going to get the flexibility they desire and the control they require. LIME TV offers many different options to suit a wide range of tastes, along with parental control tools allowing parents to restrict what their children watch.

There are three different base packages you can get: Front Row, Front Row Premium and Front Row VIP. Beyond these you can add on the Sports Pack, Cinemax selection and the HBO Pack.

Expect to benefit from a pricing special if you sign up for LIME TV in the launch period, and if you have WiFi devices in the house like tablet computers, you’ll enjoy the advantage of TV mobility as this service evolves.

Add fibre-to-home installations beginning along the Seven Mile corridor, bringing up to 104Mbps to household users, and LIME clients can look forward to lightning fast connection speeds in the near future.

You don’t have to wait to experience LIME TV for yourself; you can just visit the Experience Centre in Galleria Plaza to see what it’s all about. Take a seat, relax and see what you could have in your own home. LIME TV is the future of television in the Cayman Islands, provided by the company that you know and trust. It’s time for LIME TV.



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