Hon. Cline Glidden, Jr., JP

Main Story: People’s National Alliance: Principled & Pragmatic 

Third Elected Member for West Bay
Ballot #11
[email protected] 


  • Elected to the Legislative Assembly in 2000
  • Minister of Tourism and Development, previously Councillor for Tourism
  • Led tourism industry to best arrival results in 10 years while reducing Department spending by 35%
  • Earned LLB with Honors in 2010
  • Launched electronic security company and grew it into the Islands’ largest
  • President of Scholars International Sports Club for more than 15 years
  • Negotiated agreement with Cable & Wireless for reduced rates and improved service
  • Married to Gloria, parents of Michael and Cline III

National Priorities

“As part of a Government that is focused on addressing Cayman’s national issues, I will continue working to improve and expand Tourism related opportunities including business and employment for all.”

“As the Ministerial Councillor for Tourism, I worked to facilitate the launch of more than 16 new non-stop flights to the Cayman Islands while diversifying tourism marketing efforts into Latin America. Cayman can and will continue to lure tourists from other countries around the globe.”

District Focus

“As a local leader, my first priority is providing more employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for our residents. And as an entrepreneur, I know firsthand that West Bay has all the assets it needs to continue as leaders of the country’s economic development engine.”


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