Hon. J. Mark Scotland, JP

Main Story: People’s National Alliance: Principled & Pragmatic 

First Elected Member for Bodden Town
Ballot #10
[email protected] 


  • Completing first term in the Legislative Assembly
  • Minister with responsibility for Health, Environment, Youth, Sports, and Culture
  • Advocating healthcare reform to improve access to quality healthcare
  • Led achieve significant enhancements in Youth and Sports Development
  • Focused on national issues including economic growth, job creation and opportunities for Caymanians
  • Married to Cindy with three children
  • Achieved significant enhancements in Youth and Sports Development

National Priorities

“My continued focus is on achieving the vision stated in my National Health Policy and Strategic Plan and ensuring access to the highest quality care at affordable costs for all residents, and for the Government as well.”

District Focus

“I’m focused on economic growth to ensure that as Bodden Town continues to grow, more people will be able to live and work in the district. Now the second largest district, my focus is supporting the residents of Bodden Town and encouraging employment opportunities.”

“I will encourage more small businesses, restaurants, and small scale commercial activities. I will also continue to support the development of hotels, and other tourism related businesses. I will also encourage the creation of opportunities to provide ancillary and support services for the Medical Tourism facility that is being developed.”


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