Hon. Dwayne Seymour

Main Story: People’s National Alliance: Principled & Pragmatic 

Third Elected Member for Bodden Town
Ballot #11
[email protected] 


  • Completing first term in the Legislative Assembly
  • Minister of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing
  • Extensive experience in aviation and tourism issues
  • 20-year member of the Bodden Town Football Club
  • Key supporter of Be Loud, Be Proud voter registration drive
  • Attends Webster Memorial United Church with children Zachary, Tahiti and Dior

National Priorities

“The surest path to prosperity for the Cayman Islands is re-training and re-tooling our nation’s unemployed. I’ve supported efforts to offer technical and skills training to graduating students as well as those returning to the workforce, because I believe that each and every citizen can succeed. Ultimately, their success will drive economic success that propels Cayman’s economy forward.”

District Focus

“As Bodden Town continues to grow at a rapid pace and attract young families, quality of life is one of the most important issues facing the people of Bodden Town. I will continue to push for clean and safe neighborhoods, with an emphasis on public safety and a pristine environment.

“I will also work to elevate the identity of our cultural and historic treasures, creating tours and education for citizens and tourists alike.”


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