Let Electra Tech help you harness the power of the sun

Solar offers reliable energy which is cost effective, efficient and better for the environment.

Electra Tech Services Ltd. is helping Cayman reduce its dependency of fossil fuels and instead harness the power of the sun. Indeed, the need to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and embrace renewable sources of energy is critical for the future. In the Cayman Islands, where sunshine is plentiful, it makes perfect sense to harness this energy to power homes and business.

Electra Tech has installed the largest solar hot-water systems in Cayman and can design a solar solution to suit your home or commercial needs. Over the years, the company has established an excellent reputation with customers, builders, architects, restaurants, hospitals and industry experts. All Electra Tech’s solar hot water products are USA manufactured, UL listed and Florida Energy Research Center certified for maximum performance.

Other very cost-efficient applications of solar are for swimming pool circulation and swimming pool heating. Electra Tech can quote both systems during one site visit to your home while explaining your energy cost savings.

The advantages of solar photovoltaic–electricity production–energy are numerous. Solar offers reliable energy which is cost effective, efficient and better for the environment too. Solar technology is constantly improving, producing more watts of power per square foot than ever before. Customers can choose to remain connected to the grid through CUC’s CORE programme, or can opt to go ‘off the grid’ completely.

In the first scenario, one can still draw power from the grid at night, or when the system is not generating sufficient power. Any surplus energy produced can be sold back to CUC. The original CORE programme was revised in February 2011 and a Feed In Tarriffs Agreement structure introduced, designed to provide greater incentive to consumers generating energy from renewable sources.

Electra Tech has been serving the commercial, industrial and residential sectors of Cayman since 1985. The company’s factory-trained and certified installers offer electrical, security, fire alarms, datacom, telephone ,generators, motors and clean energy needs such as solar, as well as a 24-hour emergency service. In addition, Electra Tech’s fully qualified , experienced electricians perform and oversee all work providing the highest level of service, offering complete peace-of-mind.