Hon. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, JP

Main Story: People’s National Alliance: Principled & Pragmatic

Elected Member for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman
Ballot #2

[email protected] 


  • Born and raised in Cayman Brac
  • First woman elected to represent the Sister Islands in 1996
  • Cayman’s first woman Minister on Executive Council as Minister of Community Affairs, Sports, Women, Youth and Culture
  • Speaker from 2001-2003 and from 2003-2005
  • Minister of Finance, District Administration, Works, Lands and Agriculture
  • Appointed first Deputy Premier of the Cayman Islands in 2009
  • Appointed Premier of the Cayman Islands in 2012
  • Mother of Kamaal Connolly and Kimberly Walton

National Priorities

“I am committed to creating new business opportunities for all business enterprise in Cayman, while giving attention to small business. I am working to reduce bureaucracy for existing and new businesses, while creating an environment for inward investment and development.”

District Focus

“I’ll always keep the interests of the local people and companies as paramount, and I support the preservation and enhancement of Cayman culture, Christian heritage and the environment.”


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