People’s National Alliance: Principled & Pragmatic

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The PNA Pledge

The People’s National Alliance was formed because political parties are not the answer. The Cayman Islands has flourished under independent leadership, with coalitions and teams producing superb results for our nation. We established the PNA because we believe that our Cayman Islands can thrive once again.

Working in partnership with other elected leaders, we will form a governing alliance that is prudent, transparent and trustworthy; working in the best interests of all our people. Our team has experience at the highest levels of public service, and we’ll use proven leadership to chart a course for renewed prosperity.

We are leaders who have made tough choices in pursuit of real progress. We were elected to represent the People, and we will continue to be strong advocates for fairness and the rule of law. We pledge to protect Cayman’s right to govern by a democratic process.

We prize independent thinking and fairness in all things. We have set about the work of rebuilding confidence in Cayman. With your continued support, we will revive the national economy, protect our people and our communities, while preparing the next generation of Caymanians for success.

Our Shared Priorities 

  • Setting the stage for economic growth
  • Achieving success in tourism and financial services industries
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Empowering persons to lift themselves from poverty
  • Fighting crime and ensuring public safety
  • Developing our youth, investing in education
  • Ensuring Caymanians participate in the economy
  • Empowering women, supporting families
  • Improving healthcare, promoting healthy living
  • Preserving our culture and environment



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