Shorthanded Kirk Freeport stifle Conyers in Pony clash

With Conyers undefeated and Kirk Freeport on a winning streak, it was destined to be an intense game in the Pony Division of the Cayman Islands Little League 2013 season.

Kirk Freeport was down in numbers, but not in spirit, with only seven players and they were in for a long game. In the first inning, Conyers would not give Kirk Freeport a chance, their defence was tight. Conyers’ Aidan Montana was lightning fast with his grounders, delivering fast throws to first baseman Luis Clarke, successfully getting outs.

Kirk Freeport managed to bring in five runs, though Conyers’ batting was on fire. Kirk Freeport managed to prevent a few hard hitters from getting any farther than first base, thanks to an agile Aiden Powery at shortstop and Jahziah Johnson made an awesome stop and made a quick throw to Charlie Gilman on first to make an out.

In spite of Kirk Freeport’s efforts, Conyers managed to take a quick game lead. In the second inning, Kirk Freeport just couldn’t find any holes, as Conyers’ defence was too tight, which only allowed Kirk Freeport two runs. Conyers’ batting was still hot and Harry Milne was determined to leave a sting by hitting a home run that allowed Conyers to bring their total runs to 12.

Going into the third inning, Kirk Freeport was down by seven runs, but they were determined to stay in the game. Delivering solid hits, Conyers just couldn’t stop them. Justin Parsons made an amazing game-changing hit. With the bases loaded, he connected and sent the ball sailing over the right fielder to the fence.

Full of excitement from his teammate’s hit, Johnson also delivered a home run, which then had the two teams tied 12-12. With Conyers next up to bat, it was up to Kirk Freeport to tighten its defence. Any run would mean a loss and they wouldn’t have it.

Jayquan Pinet managed to stop several grounders and quickly relayed them to Johnson at first. Kirk Freeport’s quick defence and a series of strikeouts kept the game tied at 12. After three gruelling innings, the two teams earned a well-deserved 12-12 draw.

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