Frisbee offers Ultimate workout

Ultimate frisbee is getting serious about more community support.  

Organizers of the sport in the Cayman Islands will be staging two free clinics at the Camana Bay Sports Field. The first session is next Tuesday, 30 April, with the other gathering planned for 7 May. 

Steve Weitzman is one of the original four organizers and states the clinics are about ultimate’s development in Cayman. 

“We will be holding free skill builders on ultimate frisbee, followed by a pickup game,” Weitzman said. “Sessions will run from 7.45 to 9.30pm at the Cayman International School field. It is a great opportunity for everyone to learn the game, improve some skills, learn basic offence/defence and just have fun and play some ultimate. 

“This is for people of all skill levels – from novice to expert – everyone can learn something new. It is a co-ed event – women are very welcome. The best part is there is no charge – it’s free. So please come out, it will be a lot of fun.” 

For the record, ultimate is a team sport played with a large plastic disc. The object of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone, similar to an end zone in American football. 

Weitzman, along with Badir Awe, Josh Lavelle and Scott Murray, have ensured ultimate has had a presence in Cayman since 2009, in the form of pick-up games. The Camana Bay field currently hosts matches every Friday evening from 5.30pm, attracting residents for about an hour and half of action. 

Lavelle is no longer on Island but the other three cofounders remain and are avid players. In fact, Murray has used his ultimate experience to excel in numerous sports like basketball, softball and volleyball. Other sports persons have also taken part in ultimate such as Simon Rivers and Nathan Smith. 

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