I won’t tell anyone, I promise

A new study has revealed that 65 per cent of dog owners are more likely to tell their innermost secrets to their pet instead of their partner.

In total, three quarters of dog owners share their personal secrets with their pet ahead of or instead of a family member, friend or loved one. Almost nine in ten dog owners (87 per cent) has at some point shared a personal secret with their pet.

Secrets relating to the often tricky subject of personal relationships are the top subject for sharing, with almost half (49 per cent) admitting to talking solely to their dog on the subject. The second most popular subject to talk about is health (24 per cent), followed by finance/money (14 per cent) and work worries (13 per cent).

When asked why they told their secrets to their pet dog instead of a person, 50 per cent cited the non-judgmental nature of the animal, stating that their pet “will love me whatever”. This was closely followed by “(my dog) will listen and not judge” (49 per cent).

One pet owner revealed, “My dog, Kooks, was there when I found out I was pregnant (twice). When I went into labour and the contractions began he worried just as much as us.”

Peter Bishenden is head of pet insurance at Churchill, which commissioned the study.

“The most overwhelming reason for telling your pet your secrets is because your pet will still love you,” says Peter.

“The fact our pets give love unconditionally seems to have led to them being the perfect counsellor, along with their inability to relay any secrets.”

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