Candidate pays $500 jury fine

No separate penalty imposed

Frank Renard Moxam, a candidate for George Town, appeared in Grand Court on Friday in response to a summons for non-appearance as a juror. 

Justice Nova Hall explained that Justice Charles Quin had imposed a fine of $500 after Mr. Moxam failed to attend court on 11 March. She said it was because the fine had not been paid that he was brought to court to show cause.  

Attorney Steve McField told the court that the only reason for not paying was “complete oversight on his part. He was engaged in campaigning and completely forgot.” He said Mr. Moxam was willing to pay that day. 

Justice Hall made it an order of the court that the fine be paid that day. “You are discharged,” she told Mr. Moxam. 


  1. I agree that some times these things can slip one’s memory, but Hello, Mr. Moxam you will need to repair your oversight before running for a Candidate seat, if you will be forgetting such an important task to serve. Be careful, because all that glitters is not gold.

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