CrossFit threw down the gauntlet

CrossFit 7 Mile continues to flourish and its latest innovation was its first Throwdown on Saturday. 

The gym is situated behind Big Daddy’s Liquor Store near Treasure Island, so after one of its notorious workouts there is always a beer to be had – if you have the strength to lift it. 

In the couple of years since husband and wife team Carl and Wanda Brenton opened it, CrossFit 7 Mile has become a magnet for elite athletes and beginners alike. It’s not easy, nor cheap, but results are impressively quick, which gives it plenty of bang for the buck. Many have stayed on since it opened and membership is growing.  

CrossFit training programmes build strength and conditioning through varied and challenging workouts.  

In each session, the workout tests a different aspect of strength or conditioning, so it never gets boring nor repetitive. That also helps the body reach super fitness quicker because it does not fall into a routine. 

Here there are no ellipticals, weight machines or Zumba classes. It’s just hardcore, intense effort, similar to the old-fashioned circuit training. 

Cayman actually has two top CrossFit gyms, as there is one in Camana Bay, too. 

CrossFit 7 Mile has such as strong team, that last year it won the regional Latin America finals and competed in the world championships.  

The Throwdown was to raise money for the team going to Ecuador for the regionals from 7 to 9 June and they collected $1,000.  

“The Throwdown was a great success, the first ever CrossFit competition in Cayman,” Carl Brenton said. “Everything ran very smoothly, nearly 40 participated.” 

The Intermediate Men’s winner was Ghislain Ghyoot, of CrossFit Cayman. The Intermediate Women’s champ was Leigh Telzrow of CrossFit 7 Mile, who is competing in Ecuador.  

Men’s Beginner winner was Peter Westin (CrossFit Cayman) and the Women’s Beginner title was a tie between Jessica Pawlik and Heather Potts – both from CrossFit 7 Mile. 

The day’s best performance was a tight race for first in the men’s intermediate.  

Grant Cellier (CrossFit 7 Mile) won two out of three workouts, but did not place high enough on the first one to capture first. 

Trina Gillis achieved second place in the women’s intermediate despite only having done CrossFit for two months. She did not go in the beginner’s division. 

“Everyone loved it and can’t wait for the next one,” Carl said. “Hopefully that will be in September.” 

Wanda, 38, recently won the 5 Weeks CrossFit Games Open competition for all of Latin America, which covers Mexico to Brazil as well as the Caribbean. Mum to Logan, 2, she was recently featured on the CrossFit Games website.  

CrossFit 7 Mile’s head trainer is Chris Spigner, who is also a teammate along with former rugby star Schmarrah McCarthy, who now devotes her sporting time solely to CrossFit. Jairo Ebanks was in the Throwdown and thoroughly enjoyed it.  

“Our affiliate also won the 5 Weeks Games Open with our coaches team and qualified a second team of members to compete at regionals,” added Carl. “The top team makes it to the CrossFit Games in Carson at the end of July.”  

He added: “We have a POSE running clinic this Saturday that is open to everyone. We are hosting an Olympic lifting seminar later this year and we continue to bring down experienced coaches for our members and coaches to learn from. 

“I want to thank Bliss Yoga, Funky Monkey and Zulu’s Distributors for helping us with prizes so that the funds can go to the athletes.  

“We are extremely proud to be one of the only gyms that is sending two teams to compete at the regionals.  

“We did that last year and it was an amazing experience for our members and they came back extremely excited to train hard for this year.”