Election time in Cayman

Oh what fun times these are to see and hear all the people running for office.

Many, you might be seeing for the first time and for those that have served in government before, you may be seeing them as usual coming to your door as always only just before an election to spin their promises in your ears in order to trick you into giving them your vote.

But I say to you, this is not the time for you to be foolish for any of them that want to trick you with their false promises and lies.

Now, do not get me wrong. We have some very good people among those who are seeking your vote; people who are for real when it comes to being for you and this country. You can tell who they are very easily. They talk to you from the heart and do not promise you the pie in the sky. They come to you as real honest and truthful people with good plans for all of us and our future. They are people we can trust.

Some of those that come to you with the pie in the sky story, they bring with them a big lie and are not who they appear to be. Instead, they are dishonest with no real plans to make the lives of the people better, just for them to get in a position to fill their pockets with the peoples’ money and be a very big sell out against the people.

Be very careful with your choice of people to be a member to represent you in government in this election. Only elect the people that can help the whole country. If we do not get it right this time people, we might be setting the stage for the destruction of our island home and our beautiful way of life could be lost forever.

If it is done right, then after this election I would ask all of my Caymanian people to get together and let us have a big beach party to celebrate moving forward in the right direction.

Turn our Islands around to where we all need them to go and that is in a better direction with proper leadership for all the people.

God knows we cannot afford four years like we just had. If so, we will all suffer and our culture will be on its way to more destruction and most of the Cayman Islands will no longer be in the hands of Caymanians.

Even the Crown lands will also be gone into the hands of strangers who do not care about you or your way of life, just the ownership of these lands and the money that can come from their investments and profits.

Do not put anyone in government that cares about investors more than they care about the people. They are no good for us.

Emile S. Levy

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