Parsons reels in biggest tuna

Al Parsons had the largest catch in Cayman’s biggest fishing tournament. 

Parsons caught a 73.3-pound yellowfin tuna in the 2013 Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament. He was part of the Strike Force crew, which included brothers Rob and Nicholas Jones, as well as Chris Briggs and Rob Bouliane. 

Parsons’ tuna earned US$8,300 as the biggest tuna, the heaviest catch on the last day of the tournament and the largest eligible fish caught in Grand Cayman waters. 

Cory Josack of Strokin had the second heaviest tuna at 61.2 pounds. Josack took home US$4,300 as the top overseas angler and having the biggest catch on the tournament’s second day. 

Tansy Maki of Hog Heaven had a 57.8-pound tuna to take home US$1,000, while Yuya Ki of Sea Bird had a 57-pound catch to earn a Finor Rod and Reel Combo. Maki’s catch was the biggest by a female angler, as she nabbed the Lorna Mitchell award for catching the heaviest eligible fish and had the most billfish releases, earning US$2,000. 

For boats 26 feet and under, Shelly Ware of Disco Fever had a 54.4-pound tuna and beat out the 49-pound catch of Patrick Evans of Brasserie Catch. Ware also had the second heaviest fish by a female angler, taking home a total of US$2,500. Evans earned a Penn reel from Harbour House Marina. 

Adroy Ebanks of Still Chasin had the biggest dolphin at 46.3 pounds, earning US$6,000. Sydney Ebanks of Can Do was second with a 44.6-pound catch, earning US$3,000 and Keith Strang of Bahari was third at 42.3 pounds, good enough for US$1,000. Joshua Burke of Can Do placed fourth with a 39.8-pound dolphin. 

Sydney Ebanks made his catch in the Sister Islands and earned the Lawford Tatum award for being the heaviest there. 

Edward Azan of Blue Moon had a 38.2-pound dolphin, the biggest for boats 26 feet and under and he earned US$2,000. Kenny Ryan of Outrage was second at 37.8 pounds. 

Justin Ebanks of Blue Moon had two wahoos, weighing 37.4 pounds and 37 pounds, respectively, that topped both classes and earned him US$11,000. He also earned the Ronald Martin award for the heaviest catches.  

Harriet Ebanks of Run Things III had a 36.7-pound catch that earned US$1,000. Adroy Ebanks of Still Chasin had a 36.1-pound catch. 

Jordan Hartmann of More Time had the biggest catch in the Sister Islands with a 50.8-pound tuna and his boat had the most total weight of fish in 303.6 pounds. The result was some $3,000 in prizes. 

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